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This is a health and fitness blog, I know, so the topic of Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) might seem a little bit out of place at first glance. However, if you bear with me for just a second, you will understand why it fits in here perfectly! ;)

A huge part of why we workout is because we want to look good, feel good, and be healthy. And that’s wonderful. There is a huge sense of accomplishment and self-worth that comes from living a healthy, active lifestyle. You simply feel better about yourself on the inside & outside, and the world notices!

But it can be taken a step further. You may have exercised your way to great health and a killer body, which is amazing in itself, but you may still feel there is something missing. We weren’t all born with super model looks and flawless features. Some of us need a little extra help. Often times, it’s the nose that can help or hurt a face the most. Luckily there is something you can do about that too! Most of us know it as a “nose job” but the official term is the “Rhinoplastly” procedure.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Most people know what rhinoplasty is, but the problem is that they know it by a different name. This cosmetic surgery procedure is more popularly known as a nose job, and it involves the reshaping or re-sizing of the nose. Just like any other cosmetic surgery this can be for medical purposes or beauty purposes depending on the needs of the person involved. The procedure is performed by a cosmetic surgeon. For example, for a Rhinoplasty nose job in Des Moines Iowa you would contact Dr. Cherny at http://heartlandps.com

Conditions that may call for a nose job

Some people go for rhinoplasty simply because they are not comfortable with how their nose looks like. Others do it because they believe that a nose job will make them look more attractive. In most cases, this is true but there are some specific conditions that necessitate a nose job. Some of these conditions include the following.

· If your nose appears too big compared to your face or it’s not proportional with your face.

· The presence of a bump on the nasal bridge that is mostly evident when your nose is viewed in profile.

· Plunging or drooping of the nasal tip.

· An enlarged or excessively thickened nasal tip.

· Excessively flared nostrils.

· Asymmetrical nose due to a previous injury.

· Crooked or off-center nose.

How much does a nose job cost?

It would be very inaccurate to give a precise average figure for a nose job since there are several factors that determine how much you pay for it. The cost of this surgery will depend on the extent of the surgery, the severity of the damage in case of an accident and also the level of expertise of the surgeon performing it. However, rhinoplasty costs less than most of the other cosmetic surgeries.

What are the benefits of Rhinoplasty?

· Breathing better: Many people suffer from breathing problems as a result of the shape of their nose. A nose job can be used to open up the nasal passage and hence allowing you to breathe better.

· Makes you look more attractive: It is widely known that facial symmetry determines how attractive a person is viewed to be by others, and so a more symmetrical nose will make one look more beautiful.

· Boosts your self-confidence: Many people are victims or ridicule by their peers due to the shape of their nose which leads to self-esteem issues. A nose job will help give your nose a perfect shape and hence meaning that you never have to worry again about how your nose looks like.

Is it worth it?

Given the above three benefits and the many more not mentioned and the low cost of the procedure rhinoplasty is definitely worth it. Whether as a corrective procedure or purely as a cosmetic procedure a nose job is worth trying as it has the potential of changing the way you feel about yourself.

Employment Opportunities in Health Care

If you have been following current news, then you must have realized that careers in the health industry have been booming over the years. Every other year, there has been new employment opportunities for those who are qualified in this field. Nursing employment is one of these employments. In fact, the global demand for Nurses way surpasses the supply. With such a high demand for professionals in this industry, you can be guaranteed that you will never go wrong if you choose nursing as your career.

Nursing as an employment is advantaged by the fact that nurses can work in almost all industries. Nurses will work in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, nurse agencies, community health centers, emergency rooms and even in the military. By 2013, the average annual salary of a nurse was around $65,000. Aside from this good salary, a nurse will also enjoy other benefits such a continuous education benefits, job security and other bonuses.

Nurses have roles depending on their work environment. Nurses could work as nurse practitioners, clinical specialists, nurse educators, nurse managers, nurse midwives, health educators, staff nurses, nurse anesthetics and nurse managers. In nations with active militaries, there will also be plenty of nursing opportunities. With all these endless opportunities, there will be no dull moments for nurses. There are also plenty of opportunities for advanced education and this means that a nurse will always be growing and learning more. The most important thing about this line of employment is that you will be saving people’s lives.

Compared to many other employments, nursing will remain among the most lucrative ones. This field is best suited to people who have the desire to make a change in the health sector. With the great benefits that comes from this industry, nursing remains as one of the employment that offers career satisfaction.

Reasons why there will always be nursing jobs

· In most developed nations, there has been an increase in the aging population. As we know, this population will require specialized care due to the many illnesses that come about with aging.

· Statistics shows that there are no enough nurses qualifying each year to replace those who have left industry as a result of retirement and also those who quite to venture in other industries. This creates an imbalance where there are fewer nurses than what the industry really needs.

· With the increasing deficit of nurses in the developed world, developed countries such as US, Australia, UK, New Zealand and so on are making it easy for properly educated nurses from developing nations to enter these countries for employment.

Get In Great Shape With Insanity Home Workout Program

Are you looking for an intense home workout program that will help you get in great shape in a couple of months? Then Insanity home workout program is the ideal program for you. The 60-day home workout program is a product of Beach Body – a company that designs workout programs such as P90x, Brazil Butt Lift, Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs and several more. The program is available online and it is also sold by infomercial.

How does Insanity home workout program work?

Insanity home workout program is arguably the most intense, cardiovascular-based workout program available on the market today, thanks to the difficult and strenuous pace of every single workout contained in this program. Most fitness experts have termed it a complete training workout that makes use of the body’s weight as resistance.

It also outlines a workout plan that entails exercising rigorously for 6 days in week. To complete each workout, it will take you at least 30 to 60 minutes. You also need a pair of tennis shoes, DVD player, TV and determination to perform each workout of this program.

Insanity home workout program is based on the idea of “Max Interval Training” which suggests that one should exercise as hard as they can for about 3-minute intervals. The intervals are separated by 30-second periods of rest.

During the intense intervals, the trainer should perform each exercise at a time without resting between intervals.

How to make the most of Insanity home workout program

The home workout program has a lot to offer if it is followed to the letter. Here is how you can make the most of Insanity home workout program in order to achieve all your fitness goals.

During the 60 days of using this program, you need to change the workout schedule preferably on a weekly basis. For instance, you can do each exercise in one week before proceeding to the other.

Alternate five intense workouts during your first month of using this program. The five workouts that you need to alternate are namely: The Fit Test, Cardio Power and Resistance, Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Pure Cardio.

Prior to starting the second month of using Insanity home workout program, you need a recovery week that comprises of a daily core along with a balanced routine that isn’t intense as compared to other workouts of the program. The recovery week is essential because it helps your body recover from the intense workouts of the first month and makes you well prepared for the more intense second month of using Insanity home workout program.

Health Benefits of Sleeping Enough

There are very many people who take sleep for granted not knowing the benefits they can get from this. To enjoy a good night’s sleep, it is recommended that you spend at least 6-8 hours sleeping in order to wake up refreshed and ready to face the new day. Some of the health benefits of sleeping include:

Reduces chances of becoming sick

Although getting enough sleep will not give you immunity against getting sick, there are some studies that have found link between insufficient sleep and some health problems such as diabetes, heart attacks, heart disease and obesity. People believe that health risks from sleep deprivation can only be seen after years but this is not true as it can happen after a few days thus it is important to make sure you take your sleep very seriously as it can strengthen your immunity.

Lowers risk of injury and lessens pain

Another health benefit of sleeping is the fact that it helps to reduce your chances of getting injured during any sort of strenuous exercise or manual labor job you might have. This is because most accidents normally happen when you are exhausted but if you’re alert you will most likely avoid injury. Persons who suffer from acute or chronic pain may actually suffer less if they get enough sleep. There are studies that have linked lower pain threshold and sleep and researchers have actually discovered that good sleep can be supplement medication for the pain. There are some medications that can help you sleep better, if you are finding it hard to sleep because of the pain. To get the best night of sleep possible I recommend getting a new memory foam mattress. They work wonders for me! And you can find the best rated memory foam mattresses Ames IA at the sweet dreams mattress center.

Better weight control

Getting better sleep could be the answer you are looking for when it comes to maintaining your weight as sleep loss can lead to weight gain. Nobody has pointed out exactly how this works but some experts have linked this to hormonal balances as the major culprit. There is also the physiological part where the leptin hormone makes a person feel full. When you do not get adequate sleep, the levels of leptin drop.

Clear thinking and better moods

Among the health benefits of sleeping is the fact that it can help you enjoy some positive vibes about your life and day as you will most likely be less cranky as compared to when you are overtired. Sleep loss also affects how people think. Most people after a bad night will wake up feeling confused and fuzzy and this impairs decision making, attention and cognition. Being well rested means that you are able to think clearly and you also enjoy better memory.

Picking the Best Workout Clothing from a Fitness Site

Obtaining new workout clothing or shoes from an online or a brick and mortar store can be a challenge. Other than getting the right color and size, you also need workout apparels that reduce exhaustion and soreness by increasing comfort and flexibility. Considering a number of factors as you make your pick can help you make the right choice and improve your workout routine’s outcome in a number of ways.

Wicking Power

The sweat your body produces during moderate or rigorous workout sessions cleanses your skin and boost your internal organ’s health and functions. Perspiration processes achieve these by regulating overall body temperature to enable you exercise for long without experiencing skin rashes and fatigue, during and after fitness stints. Workout clothes with low wicking power can however hinder this as they encourage the sweat to glue the garment to your skin instead of encouraging evaporation to achieve effective cooling effect.

Initially, woolen workout apparels were considered to have the highest wicking power. Advancements in top CrossFit workout shoes manufacturers has made them more durable and functional. They have also made many exercise enthusiasts abandon wool for the latest workout fabric verities because they are lighter and they feel good on the skin owing to their ability to get rid of socked sweat by drying up rapidly.

Time of the Year

The workout clothing you pick can as well be dictated by seasons. Work outfits that are cool and comfy are reliable in hot weather, making them the right choice during summer months. Winter requires you to obtain warm exercise apparels. This means that you may have to dress your body in three layers.

The first layer can comprise of synthetic underwear garments with high wicking power to keep your skin moisture-free and prevent the chilly weather from turning sweat into tiny ice flakes that may crack your skin. The chill may as well lower blood flow efficiency and make your limbs feel heavy, reducing your workout morale.

Workout sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts, pullovers, jackets and vests can form the second layer since they assist in trapping body heat to keep you warm. Exercise shell and pants can on other hand come on as the third layer to offer protection against wind, sleet, snow or rain.

Go for Authentic Labels

Obtaining counterfeit workout clothing is amongst the worst mistakes you can ever make. Though they may be cheap and colorful, their low quality fabrics may give you skin allergies and you’re as well likely to miss out on the durability aspects that original sporting apparels, from authentic dealers, have to offer.

Does The P90X Program Work?

The P90X program created by fitness expert Tony Horton is a home fitness program that has been shown to be highly effective in helping people to burn body fat, build muscle, and get into fantastic shape. What makes the P90X program such a game changer is the fact that it can allow you to get into great shape in only 90 days. Utilizing a wide range of workouts that employ the principle of muscle confusion, the P90X program challenges your body during each workout, which forces it to adapt by getting leaner and stronger. What makes the P90X program such a great choice for everyone is that it takes all of the guess work out of getting into shape. It basically lays out a road map for you in terms of what types of workouts to do, when to do them, and also what kinds of foods you should be eating.

The first thing you need to understand about the P90X program is that it’s not easy. If you follow the program you are going to be working out between an hour and an hour and a half each day, six days a week. You will be doing a combination of strength training, intense aerobics and yoga that should push you harder than anything else you have other done before. While this might sound intimidating, the truth is that Tony does a great job of showing you how to modify each workout so that no matter what your fitness level is you can keep up. What makes P90X so effective is that it uses muscle confusion philosophies to force your body to continue to adapt. This is similar to the very popular group fitness program called CrossFit. In fact, I actually recommend using Reebok crossfit shoes, workout clothing, and even some of their equipment for p90x since they have a lot of great stuff, such as the brazilian butt lift program, and it works very well for this type of cross-training fitness routine.

For example, to keep it varied, during the first 30 days you do a chest and back workout as day one of your workout week. During the second 30 days this switches to a chest and arms workout. By changing the routine your body is shocked all over again, which allows you to continue to get great results over the course of the program.

If you are looking for a surefire way to get into shape then you definitely need to check out the P90X program. It’s revolutionary training program, and excellent nutrition program are the perfect guide for you as you progress on your journey of getting the body you have always wanted. If your looking for a quick and easy solution the P90X program isn’t for you. The fact is that when it comes to getting into great shape there is no quick and easy solution. However if you are willing to work hard and commit to it, the P90X program can help you to meet and even exceed your fitness goals.

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